Mold Remediation

Tucci Builders is committed to customer satisfaction. We will get rid of mold and restore your home to the way it was before the mold. We follow a six-step mold remediation process:

1. Find the Source of the Mold

The first step is to find out what is causing the mold growth. Contributing factors could include things such as a water leak, flooding, high humidity, or improper ventilation. We recommend these repairs be made before any remediation begins.

2. Identify the Mold

There are 2 ways to identify mold:

  1. The first and most obvious is a visual confirmation. When you can see the mold, it usually means there is more lurking in areas that are not visible (for example; behind walls or wood, in attics, or crawl spaces).
  2. The second method is air testing. If there is no visible mold present we can determine if there is an underlying issue. The air testing will be done through a third-party company to identify if mold exists. It will also determine if it is toxic or not so we can come up with the right plan to mitigate. The air test process includes tests done inside your home as well as a control set up outside of your home.

3. Containment

Next, we set up a containment around the work area so there is no cross-contamination to other areas of your home. We ensure this by setting up temporary walls with plastic sheeting (6 mil poly) to seal all ventilation, ducts/grills, fixtures and other openings.

4. Treatment

After we set up containment around the contaminated area we begin treatment. Depending on the location and the cause of the mold there are a variety of ways to attack it.

Most often we apply an antimicrobial on the area to help prevent it becoming airborne while under construction. We then dispose it using 3-mil contractor bags and then follow up with a treatment of the area behind the surface. Depending on the situation we will also encapsulate, use ULV air fogger, HEPA vacuum and run HEPA air scrubbers for 48-72 hours.

HEPA air scrubbers are a portable air cleaning device that uses air circulation to remove odors, dust, mold spores, gasses, chemicals and other pollutants from the air. Through three-stage filtration system, these units clean contaminants from the surrounding area.

5. Air Clearance Test

After remediation is complete, you have the option to purchase an air clearance test. The test is done through a third-party/non-interest company to ensure all air quality is within normal range. We guarantee that our work will pass the air quality test.

6. Restoration and BuildBack

After treatment of the mold, we can restore problem areas back to the way they were or better! And once the mold problem has been addressed and your home is restored, as the homeowner, you must maintain dry/clean areas in order to keep the mold from returning.